Anka - Cuidado de pezuñas


#100% stainless steel. Easy cleaning, light (850kg) and resistant.
#Fully hydraulic. Piston driven system: Reliable, affordable and easy maintenance. 
#Very Silent. Helical gear pump, low-pulsation, high-efficiency.


Leg restraint designed with the optimal angle to minimize the hoof trimmer effort with the grinder. Upright back in natural position, not bent over, not too upright.

You can trim for hours with no back fatigue.


Double belly band for a fast, safe and nonstresful lift and restraint of the cow. Special leg restraint with no movement possibilities, adapted for working with the most agressive grinders.

The ANKA concept of “one cow in/one cow out” offers a smooth and nonstressful cow transition. In addition to specific cattle handling equipment (ex. High performance barrier, bud box, working alley) allows to achieve paces of two minutes and a half per cow.

Anka in Action

1. 1. One trimmer without assistant
Miguel Antonio Ledezma working in SAT Edurne farm (130 cows, 2 days work 9:00-13:30)

2. Maintenance hoof trimming, high efficiency.
Pere Malet working in San Jose farm (1000 cows, 12.500 litres)

Cow comfort

Quality work



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