1st Summer Trimming School
2nd International Hoof Health and Welfare Conference

23-24th September 2021 · Mas Bes Girona (Spain)


Summer Trimming School

Just one year ago, we held the International Hoof Health and Welfare Conference, with more than 250 attendees from 29 countries, in Zaragoza. A lot of things have happened since this conference and several participants have requested that we organise a conference like last year’s. For this reason, we are glad to announce that we are preparing a new conference, using the experience from last year.

Dates & Programme

Thursday 23rd September and Friday 24th September

Schedule #23rd Sep




  • Low stress Cattle handling. General concepts by Jamie Sullivan.
  • Low stress Cattle handling in France TBC.
  • Managing Cattle in Automatic Milking System TBC.



  • Interaction facilities and hoof health by Christopher Mülling.
  • Perfect Hoof trimming area-balancing cow and trimmer welfare by Jamie Sullivan.
  • How to design hoof care facilities in an AMS farm. TBC.
  • Designing hoof trimming area in farms over 5,000 cows. The Mexican experience by Fernando Castillo.



Workshops #23rd Sep


  • Trim a cadaver feet and have the opportunity to be evaluated by Christopher Mülling.


  • by Loris de Vecchis.


  • How to handle easily the cows to the crush with the use of Budbox, high performance barrier by Jamie Sullivan.


  • Demonstration of old trimming techniques and tools by two trimmers that started more than 30 years ago trimming by hand by Pere Malet and Angel Cortinas.


  • How to document accurared data and use ir to reduce lameness. It will include Lesions identification and Recording process by Noureddine Charfeddine.


Schedule #24th Sep


  • Exercise and Physical Therapy to prevent typical trimmer lesions like tendon and joint pain (practical session) by Asier Lezertua.


  • Future of Hoof trimming – where we go? by Adrián González.
  • Efficient trim schedules by Jamie Sullivan.
  • Working with 3 crushes at the same time. How do we organise it? by Steve Paul.
  • Economics of hoof trimming TBC.
  • Truths and Myths about claw health genetic predisposition by Noureddine Charffedine.



  • 2nd Edition of RIDER TRIM CUP, Functional Trimming Competition between America and Europe with Jamie Sullivan, Loris De Vecchis, Christopher Mülling, Adrián González, ANKA and DIGITRIM team among others.




Hoof Trimmer and Hoof Health consultant: specializing in evidence-based solutions to lameness, cow comfort & stress-free cattle handling. Past President of the Hoof Trimmer’s Association (HTA) in North America.

Hoof Trimmer and Adjunct Professor from Milano University (Italy)

Christopher Mülling is a veterinarian and a clinical anatomist with a passion for teaching and lameness research. He graduated with a DVM degree from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Free University in Berlin, Germany, in 1988. After 6 years in a large animal practice, he returned to the Free University earning a German Dr med vet degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1993. Subsequently he received his Post Doc training in Berlin, Cornell and Japan. Since then he has been active with academic research and teaching. In 2006, Mülling accepted a position as associated professor in Clinical Veterinary Anatomy at the University of Nottingham. In 2007, he joined the University of Calgary as a professor of Veterinary Anatomy, serving as the associated dean curriculum from 2008 to 2010. He accepted the position of professor of veterinary anatomy at the University of Leipzig, Germany, in 2010.

Founder and president of ANKA. He is a worldwide well known veterinarian with more than 30 years experience in hoof trimming, training and cow comfort. He is a teacher of the Master Hoof Care of the University of Florida and honour award of the US Secretary of Agriculture for our education program.

Steve Paul trained as a trimmer in Holland in 1991 and is a fully qualified instructor and inspector (NPTC). A founding member and past president of the National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers (NACFT), Steve is qualified as a category 1 trimmer, in all Steve has been trimming cows’ feet for over 28 years. He advises and consults on herd lameness across the country and regularly lectures about and demonstrates cattle foot trimming to farmers, agricultural and veterinary students and other industry professionals.

Noureddine Charfeddine born in Tunisia 52 years ago. He has Ph D. in Animal Breeding from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He belongs as Genetic Analyst to the technical department of CONAFE (Spanish Holstein Association) since 1998. He has been involved in many tasks and projects related with data recording and genetic and genomic evaluations. In 2011 has launched I-SAP Project (Claw Health Information for the control and prevention of Lameness in dairy cattle herds). Member of ICAR working group on functional traits and member of ICAR group of Claw health experts who released ICAR CLAW HEALTH ATLAS. He has published several papers on how to improve claw health through a comprehensive action on herd management and animal selection.

Venue & accommodation


Venue: Mas Bes Dairy Farm. Found in the heart of the Girona region is Mas Bes, a dairy farm where four generations of the Viñolas family have created an environment for reliving the past and experiencing the rural world. On a farm of 1,200 animals, they milk 550 cows. With four meeting rooms and capacity for accommodating 200 people it is the perfect place for holding a very practical conference.

Driving distances

· 5 minutes from Girona Airport
· 1 hour from Barcelona airport
· 1 hour from the French border
· 15 minutes from Girona
· 40 minutes from Barcelona
· 15 minutes from High Speed Train Station (Girona)
· 20 minutes from Costa Brava (beach). Ideal for combining with family holidays


Please be aware that Girona is a very popular holidays destination so don’t wait for last minute to book your accommodation.

Eden Park by Brava Hotels
Modern hotel 5 minutes driving from the farm and 5 minutes walking from the Girona airport. 10-15 minutes from the city of Girona.

Pending of discount confirmation

Carlemany Hotel
4 stars hotel in the city center of Girona. Ideal for after conference walk and discover the middle age city of Girona. Driving distance 15-20 minutes from the farm.

Using the promotional code HOOF, you get a 10% discount over the best rate.

Organization & sponsors


Before 23rd of August

245 **
  • VAT taxes not included on the registration price.

After 23rd of August

  • VAT taxes not included on the registration price.

** Members of the associations supporting this initiative (APPB, NAFCT, APIB, ANEMBE) have a 20% discount on the registration fee (Price €195).
This discount is available until 23rd of August.

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