Hoof Trimmers meeting in Switzerland. Dreiländertreffen.


Hello everybody,

Summer is ending and Exhibitions season is starting. We are now in Switzerland attending to the meeting organized by hoof trimmers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This event is every two years and this is our second time.

We have came from Navarra to Landquart, Switzerland to present the newest ANKA Crush Pro model. It has all available extras by ANKA.

The Meeting takes place here in a swiss village during one and a half day, as usual, there are scheduled workshops and lectures. This time there has been a lot of information about locomotion and biomechanics (scoring, flooring and biomechanics).

Our dealer Andreas Pauli did not came with us because he is in Bavaria in another exhibition.


Picture: after downloading equipment from truck.

This new crush has barriers included in chasis and two boxes for tools and treatments. At the floor it has a rotatory base, you can have a look to our Facebook to see how it turns itself.

Trailer is a new model too, it is called “U model”, made to assemble easily the crush, without using the wheels of the crush. It is a light and easy to drive trailer.

We have presented a new barriers model, which have the lengh of one cow, so it will always be a cow waiting to enter in the crush. At the beginning it has a small door, easy to open and close, at the end it has an anti-return system.


Picture: ANKA equipment in place of exhibition


Picture: answering queries from some hoof trimmers

We are satisfied with the impression of attendees about this new equipment , and we would like to thank organization for the welcome and help offered.

P.S: If you want more info about news in ANKA Crush model of 2016, please contact us per e-mail.

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