Cooperation Project ANKA - MedicusMundi


…or Imbabazi’s life story. In this post we travel to Rwanda, where ANKA is participating with the NGO MedicusMundi. In this country, MedicusMundi work in minimizing children’s malnutrition (especially children younger than 5 years old). The NGO helps the Government and Health Centers in developing programs in animal husbandry (cattle, hens and rabbits). In Health Center of Nemba, in Region of Gakenke, there was the chance to buy a cow and start the new project with the economical collaboration of ANKA Hoof Care. The Project started building the facilities for the cow and its future calf, farm has been built behind the health center.

foto 4

Initial structure of facilities

foto 5 Roof (metallic) building

foto 6 Preparing facilities floor (with sand and stones)

foto 7 Finished facilities for the cow

To select the cow with better characteristics for the place, the District Veterinarian was consulted before buying the animal. These are the characteristics for selection: – Calf with 50% of Furizone (Friesian exotic breed) race – Calving should be in 4 months after purchasing. It should be first calving. – Weight between 300 and 350 kg. – Healthy skin and hair.

foto 9 Imbabazi, the cow for Nemba’s Health Center

Getting this cow is a multidiciplinar investment in development for Nemba’s center. Not only the milk yield will be used for children nutritions, it will be sold to get other products to reduce children malnutrition. The calf will be used with same purpose and also the manure and rests from husbandry will be used in cereals and fruits farming.

foto 1 The cowboy, Daniel NSHIMIYIMANA welcomed and named the cow IMBABAZI with a song, wishing for her good calving and high milk production.

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