English hoof trimmers meeting


Hello everybody! We have arrived yesterday from NACFT meeting, organized by our friend and dealer Steve Paul, from cowsfeet.co.uk. This year 2016 the event has been in Liverpool. On Friday 22nd the conferences were in a hotel. And we spent Saturday 23rd in the University’s farm, between cows, tools and equipments’ exhibitions. 20160423_110745 This edition the meeting has been really international, with more than a half of lecturers from different countries:

One of them was Adrián González, founder and CEO of ANKA Hoof Care. He has been working for many years in Hoof Health, not only trimming, he has a broad experience in training and consulting in differente countries and varied weathers. Thus, he talked in a practical way about lameness and preventive hoof trimming in Spain, showing the differences between north Spain (similar to the UK in climate conditions) and south Spain. His main message was to show how important is preventive hoof trimming in wet climates like in the UK, and to invest in improving facilities in farms too.

Dr. Nick Evans, from Infectious Biology Department in University of Liverpool. He is an expert in microbiology and spoke about the research in the Department about the causes and development in herds of Digital Dermatitis. Prof. Dick Sibley, director of the “West Ridge Veterinary Practice” and myhealthyherd.com. He is dedicated to projects for preventing and controlling diseases in dairy herds. He talked about how have been managed other diseases in Europe, as an allusion to how to control lameness in dairy cattle. He also talked about the cooperation between all professionals related with lameness in dairy industry. Dr. Arturo Gómez, Veterinarian from Galicia, with postgraduate studies in University of Wsiconsin, he nowadays works in Zinpro. He is an expert in Digital Dermatitis and he exposed the main control and preventions methods and protocols he recommends to control this infectious disease. Mariano Alonso, veterianrian fromArgentina. He works exclusively in hoof heatlh. He showed us his vision of lameness in dairy cattle in his country and his daily work, in extensive dairy herds. He brought a lot of funny and interesting pictures and stories. 20160422_160737

Lecturers at NACFT Meeting. From left to right: Nick Evans, Dick Sibley, Mariano Alonso, Adrián González and Arturo Gómez


On Saturday, our customer and friend Johnny Miller trimmed some cows with the ANKA Crush.


Also on Saturday, we presented the new ANKA single-phase Crush, a new model, with special interest for UK hoof trimmers, because most of the farms have single phase electricity (240V).

It has been a pleasure to participate in this meeting. We are very glad about results.

Thanks to everybody, specially to Henrietta, Steve and Jo!

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