Clincial case: lame Charolais bull


Hello everybody!

About two months ago a beef farmer contacted ANKA to buy a practic boot. He had a lame charolais bull and he was really worried, because this bull was a very valuable animal. The bull was lame in right hind foot.

The foot was bigger than the Practic boot, so he asked us for an alternative treatment. He explained us, he has bought the bull in France, it was lightly lame, but he recover very quick and he was very satisfied with his results in reproduction. But, after a few months, the bull got lameness again with huge inflammation of the coronary band.

Farmer sent us these pictures:


2015.12.30 - 1a cura (2)     2015.12.30 - 1a cura (1)

The vet had opened the abscess on coronary band and had been doing cleanings of the lesion, with bandage. But farmer and vet suspected these case was making complicated, infection was getting deeper, to pedal joint.

2015.12.30 - 1a cura (3)  2015.12.30 - 1a cura (4)  2015.12.30 - 1a cura (5)

So, we concluded, this bull had an interdigital phlegmon, complicated because of a late diagnosis; maybe because the animal lives in a huge pasture area and it is not usual to handle him.

We recommended owner and vet to make an arthrodesis, follwing the way of the process, to make a drenage. It is a non-conservative treatment, quite risky. But in cases like this, of very valuable animals, it is an alternative to try to heal the lesion as soon as possible.

After a motnh, the farmer contacted us again, tot ell us that, finally, the abscess opened naturally in posterior side of coronary band. The foot was very inflammed, causing mild lameness; but the bull was eating and producing well, so they have decided to leave him like this, healing naturally.

The result: the bull has developed an anchilosis, reducing movement in pedal joint. But he can walk well, has a good body condition score and is producing good quality semen. By the way, his name is Fanion.




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