29 July 2015

Slow motion hoof trimming

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Link to Youtube video on ANKA Channel

Trimmer: Pere Malet Jr. from DIGITRIM S.L.

24 July 2015

Hoof Trimming Olympic Games in France

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Hi all!

Have you been in Yvetot this week? The National French Hoof Trimmers Association organized every year e meeting, but this year, because it’s the 30th anniversary they have organized a special event…The Hoof Trimming Olympic Games.

ANKA has been there, Adrián, our CEO has participated as jury and our hoof trimmers Miguel Ángel (ANKA) and Pere (DIGITRIM) have participate…Pere won 2nd prize!

Many hoof trimmer have participate and have tried the ANKA Crush.

There were many friends and collegues, like Loris de Vecchis. It has been a great meeting.

We are really satisfied with this experience. We would like to thank the ANPB the idea and the organization of the meeting.

We hope there will be The II Olympic Games soon!

18 July 2015

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English version below

Hallo Zusammen!!

Am Freitag, 17.Juli war die Echemer Sommertagung Klaue…und wir haben dort teilgenommen. Andreas Pauli war dabei, mit unserem Klauenstand.

Wie letztes Jahr, am Vormittag gab Vortrage über Dermatitis Digitalis und Fussbade, mit den Fachtierärzte Dörte Döpfer und Hans-Peter Klindworth.

Am Nachmittag gab verschiedene Workshops mit Dörte Döpfer (über Mortellaro Krankheit Diagnose und Behandlung), Andrea Fiedler (über Verbände) und drei Klauenpfleger, die demos an Klauenstände gemacht haben. Hans-Peter Klindworth hat bei ANKA Klauenstand gewirkt.

Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Erfahrung.

ANKA Klauenstand war nicht so bekannt im Norddeutschland.  Echemer Sommertagung war eine schöne Chance es auszustellen.

Danke alle für eure Hilfe! Und bis nächstes Jahr!

English version:

Hello everybody!

Last Friday, 17th July, we went to Echemer Sommertagung Klaue. A day dedicated to Hoof Care in Echem, near Hannover.

Like other years, in the morning we could attend to some lectures with topics Hoofbath and Digital Dermatitis from experts like Dörte Döpfer and Hans-Peter Klindworth.

In the afternoon there were some exhibitions, about bandages (by Andrea Fiedler), DD diagnosis and treatment (by Dörte Döpfer) and trimming exhibitions with three different crushes, one of them has been ANKA crush, by Hans-Peter Klindworth.

We are really happy about this experience. ANKA crush is coming to be a well-known crush in Germany, especially with opportunities like this to participate in.

We would like to thank everybody for your help. We will meet next year!

15 July 2015

Echemer Sommertagung 2015

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Hallo Zusammen,

Gehen Sie nach Echemer Sommertagung am 17.Juli?

Dann…treffen wir uns dort!

8 July 2015


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Hello everybody!!

Are you thinking on improving hoof health in your farm or your hoof trimming equipment?

Are you thinking on visiting the Livestock Event in Birmingham?

Our crush is there, so you can go and have a look!!

It is in Cowsfeet’s stand. We will answer all your questions.

3 July 2015

Concert for cows

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Hello everybody!

We have found this video in youtube, a jazz concert for cows!

Music soothes the savage beasts…

Have a nice weekend!

18 June 2015

About these hooves

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Hello everybody!

We posted last week some curious photos…

And we have promised we will explain why they look like this:

These animals are beef cattle which mainly live in pastures. It seems they didn’t found many grass at the beginning of spring and they have eaten oak sprouts and acorns.

Oak sprouts and acorn have a huge amount of tannins, which are toxic substances for ruminants. Actually, not all kinds of tannins are toxic and some are used in animal feeding, but, most tannins in scrouts and acorns from Quercus genre plants are nephrotoxic. In result, these cows had a toxic stress with different symptoms related with renal disorders; luckily farmer and vet could resolve it and, after some weeks, farmer noticed these lesions and called us. They are horizontal fissures.

A horizontal fissure is a groove in the claw wall that runs parallel to coronary band. It is a temporary claw formation and growth disruption caused by stress (physiological, metabolic, toxic or diseased related). It may cause double soles (as it did in these cows).

Recommended treatment is a careful therapeutic trimming, to eliminate double soles. And next spring concern about what do cattle in pastures are eating ;)

12 June 2015

What do you think?

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We have visited a beef cattle farm (extensive production) to make preventive hoof trimming, cows are a typical breed of this area of Spain (Pirenaica, similar to Blonde d’Aquitaine)….and we found this.

What do you think abou it? any idea about possible sources?
We have already found it out…we will tell you next week!

Have a nice weekend!

28 May 2015

Nice views from the office

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Our friends Emilio and Daniel, from Galicia, have sent us this photo from today’s working place (Xove, Lugo).

They were lucky, nice views!

15 May 2015

Visiting Bavaria

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Hello everybody!

Today we are back from Bavaria, South Germany. We have been visiting our dealer and collaborator Andreas Pauli.

We have spent these days workingon the ANKA Crush and new ideas and also trimming in farms. The weather has been really good, 100% spring, so all the farmers were harvesting grass.

We could visit two farms, both Simmental dairies. This is the typical cow breed from Bavaria, it produces both milk and meat, and quite well, it has also a high fertility, compared to other breeds. One of the farms was a great example of good cattle handling and farm management, it was a very good experience to know the Kurz family an their farm.

We could see also the most prevalent stabling in Bavaria: tied cattle, but the hooves have a very good aspect and they don’t need much trimming.

We would like to thank Andreas all his attention and hospitality!

Hallo Zusammen!

Wir sind wieder zu Hause. Wir sind währen diese Woche in Bayern gewesen, wir haben unseren Verteiler Andreas Pauli besucht.

Wir haben über ANKA Klauenstand mitgearbeitet, es gabt viele neue Ideen…

Das Wetter war wunderschön und könnten wir die Besuche verschiedene Bauernhofe besser frönen. Die Bauern einsilieren in diese Tage, trotzdem hat die Familie Kurz Zeit für uns und sie haben seine Betriebe uns gezeigt. Es ist ein sehr schönes Bauernhof, mit sehr gute Tiere Behandlung.

Wir freuen uns über die Reise, es war eine sehr schöne Erfahrung. Wir wollen Andreas und Barbara sagen: Danke für eure Gastfreiheit und bis nächste Mal!!

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