10 December 2015

After Lameness in Ruminants Conference 2015

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Wowwww!!! Hello everybody!!

Few days since Lameness in Ruminants Conference finished…and we haven’t publish anything!

Photo: our vet Almudena with Mr.Mortellaro

The Conference was a great experience, we have learnt a lot about Cowconfort. There was some discussion about trimming technique, conduced by researches from the UK. Participation was high, there were many short presentations about interesting topics, like relationship and communication between professionals and farmers, antibiotics remains, bandages, security at work,…

Photo: dairy cattle from “Fundo Schott”, in Rio Negro, near Osorno, Chile.

And of course…The Topic: Digital Dermatitis. There are different points of view from all over the world. It was really interesting, in Europe we are really worried about this infectious disease, with high prevalence in our stalls. In other places, like Chile, they know DD exists and they have some infected farms…but because they work in extensive systems it is not the biggest deal. Facilities in pathways and overwear are more important for Southamerican professionals.

Photos: Neil Chesterton during Field Day explaining about pathways (right)

Photos: farm of field day and the “asado” we ate after seminars

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