28 August 2015

Clinical Case – evolution and results

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Hello! Here we are again, to comment news about the cow from previous post.

In the preview post we did not tell how we have treated this cow. Well, she already came with an XL block, which was ok and we left. But, after trimming and cleaning, we put a shock-absorbing bandage. With topical antibiotics, special cotton (repeals humidity), jute and finally cohesive bandage. We decide with farmer to do weekly reviewing.

We have done 4 reviews, last one after 15 days from previeus review. In all of them we have change bandage, always using the same matherials.

Cow has been two weeks in deep strw bed, in nursery. Then, because lesion development was really good, she has been moved to cubicle barns. This is the main reason why we kept the same bandage tupe in all reviews, because in cubicle barns is easier to hurt a weak claw.

You can see the evolution in photos below:

First Review: lesion has 2,5cm diameter. Necrosis is seems healed and there is only ulceration. There is no contact with third phalanx from outside.

Weight bearing is better than before, although right hind limb (affected limb) is always ahead from left hind limb. Locomotion Score 3.

Second review: 1 week later. ulceration has 1,5 cm diameter. weight bearing is going better. LS 2-3

Third review:

We found that the block is not useful any more, cow is using diseased heel while walking and block is worn-out too (see photo below). This fact usually appears in toe lesions, it is important to place blocks as caudal as possible, to help in weight bearing.

Lesion has 1 cm diameter. We put a new XL block andnew bandage.

We decide that healing is going well and next review will be in 15 days.

Fourth review: lesion is healed. Block remains at sound claw because wall and sole new horn in affected claw is not hard enough and could be damaged.

Weight bearing is normal. LS 1.

Below you will find a table which shows lactacion of this cow (red line). You can see a huge depression in dairy production on 27th july, after removing third phalanx portion. Then, she started to recover and nowadays produces around 50L per day.

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