18 August 2015

Clinical case

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A few days ago we got a clinical case we think it could be very interesting. It is a cow, Holstein Freisian, which has nowadays a chronic lesion in the external claw of the right hind limb since March 2014.

The cow is in 3rd lactation, less than 100 days in milk. She lives in a farm which we visit weekly. So she has been re-checked every two months from March 2014 until April 2015. Then, during April, we have re-checked her weekly. But after April she didn’t get in the crush any more…until a few days ago, when we met her again. And this is what we found (she came with the block already):

She has a toe necrosis, probably it has developed from a toe ulcer that never healed. These are the results of our therapeutical trimming (with an extirpated fragment of 3rd phalanx included):

What do you think about this case and our work? would you have trimmed more? or less?

Apart from trimming, how would you treated it?

Which is your prognosis? will it heal?

Give us your opinion and in a few days we will share some more information about how is she going!

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