15 May 2015

Visiting Bavaria

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Hello everybody!

Today we are back from Bavaria, South Germany. We have been visiting our dealer and collaborator Andreas Pauli.

We have spent these days workingon the ANKA Crush and new ideas and also trimming in farms. The weather has been really good, 100% spring, so all the farmers were harvesting grass.

We could visit two farms, both Simmental dairies. This is the typical cow breed from Bavaria, it produces both milk and meat, and quite well, it has also a high fertility, compared to other breeds. One of the farms was a great example of good cattle handling and farm management, it was a very good experience to know the Kurz family an their farm.

We could see also the most prevalent stabling in Bavaria: tied cattle, but the hooves have a very good aspect and they don’t need much trimming.

We would like to thank Andreas all his attention and hospitality!

Hallo Zusammen!

Wir sind wieder zu Hause. Wir sind währen diese Woche in Bayern gewesen, wir haben unseren Verteiler Andreas Pauli besucht.

Wir haben über ANKA Klauenstand mitgearbeitet, es gabt viele neue Ideen…

Das Wetter war wunderschön und könnten wir die Besuche verschiedene Bauernhofe besser frönen. Die Bauern einsilieren in diese Tage, trotzdem hat die Familie Kurz Zeit für uns und sie haben seine Betriebe uns gezeigt. Es ist ein sehr schönes Bauernhof, mit sehr gute Tiere Behandlung.

Wir freuen uns über die Reise, es war eine sehr schöne Erfahrung. Wir wollen Andreas und Barbara sagen: Danke für eure Gastfreiheit und bis nächste Mal!!

2 March 2015

Meeting in Bavaria

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Hello everybody! Hallo Zusammen!

On Friday 6th and Saturday 7th March will take place a Hoof Trimmers meeting in Bavaria (VGK-Fortbildungsseminar für Klauenpfleger) in Wald im Ostallgäu; and ANKA will take part on it.

Even, we are glad to introduce our new partner in southern Germany: AP Klauenpflege. We will go with Mr.Pauli to the event, he has visited us in february; let’s see how it goes! We are very happy to go back to Bavaria after the last event in september, 2014.

We hope we will see you there!

28 November 2014

Article in “Farmers Weekly”

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Hello everybody!

Here you are, an article from “Farmers Weekly” about hoof trimming.


We are happy and proud that our collegue Steve Paul (cowsfeet.co.uk), is mentioned in it!

24 October 2014

I Conference Naxcel of Bovine Podiatry

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Hello everybody!
We are recovering from the lameness hangover after the First Conference Naxcel of Bovine Podiatry, co-organized by Anka Hoof Care and Zoetis Spain.
The event has brought together professionals from Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. And had the experience and diversity of opinions from the lecturers Gerard Cramer, Loris de Vecchis and Adrián González.

We are really proud of the results and we would like to thank everybody you collaboration.
This was the first…so it will be a sconde one!

7 August 2014

Youtube Channel

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There are new videos from the ANKA Trimming Chute in our Channel in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqtKAvo_DqlIihOxJyhYi4Q

23 May 2014

Bella Italia

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The 15th of May, Adrián was hired by Zoetis Italy to guide a knowledge-improving day in hoof care.

The course took place in Alessandria, a small city in the north of Italy, where most of the dairy herds of this country are located.

During the morning there were some lectures: Adrián talked about the efficiency at work and business management in hoof trimming. Our new vet, Almudena, made a short talk about the quality of different trimming techniques. And there was a third lecturer, our dear friend Loris de Vecchis, Veterinarian Surgeon specialized in hoof care.

In the afternoon,  a farm was visited, where both specialists could go deeply in the explained topics in the morning.

The participants, about 25 veterinarians, have shown a lot of interest and motivation during the whole day, specially at the practical part in the afternoon.

From ANKA, we would like to thank to the participants all their interest, we would like to thank too the collaboration of our friend Loris and the organization of this course by Zoetis. We hope it will repeat!

11 May 2014

DD Summit in Amsterdam

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Adrián González has been invited to an experts meeting in Amsterdam during last week, organized by Zinpro. I (Almudena) had the opportunity to attend at this meeting too.

The topic of the meeting was Digital Dermatitis.With the attendance of international figures such as Dr. Carlo Maria Mortellaro, who discovered this pathology, and lectures like Dr.Dörte Döpfer, Dr. Arturo Gómez or Dr. Christoph Mülling.

A new App to control and fight against DD was presented. It is developed by the Veterinary Medicine School from the University of Wisconsin. As we all know, Digital Dermatitis is in almost every herd all over the world. This App isn’t available in Europe at the moment.

But don’t worry! it will come. Meanwhile, if you are interested and want to learn more about detecting DD or scoring lame cows, you can contact us (see below) and we will give you more information.

After the Summit, we had some time to compare hoof trimming techniques with ours. We visited a farm located in the border between Germany and the Netherlands where a dutch trimmer usually works.

Contact: Almudena. almudena@anka.com

16 April 2014

New incorporation

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This month Almudena has been incorporated to our team. She is a vet.

She will check the quality of Anka’s services. She will also work in the development of our crushes.