10 December 2015

After Lameness in Ruminants Conference 2015

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Wowwww!!! Hello everybody!!

Few days since Lameness in Ruminants Conference finished…and we haven’t publish anything!

Photo: our vet Almudena with Mr.Mortellaro

The Conference was a great experience, we have learnt a lot about Cowconfort. There was some discussion about trimming technique, conduced by researches from the UK. Participation was high, there were many short presentations about interesting topics, like relationship and communication between professionals and farmers, antibiotics remains, bandages, security at work,…

Photo: dairy cattle from “Fundo Schott”, in Rio Negro, near Osorno, Chile.

And of course…The Topic: Digital Dermatitis. There are different points of view from all over the world. It was really interesting, in Europe we are really worried about this infectious disease, with high prevalence in our stalls. In other places, like Chile, they know DD exists and they have some infected farms…but because they work in extensive systems it is not the biggest deal. Facilities in pathways and overwear are more important for Southamerican professionals.

Photos: Neil Chesterton during Field Day explaining about pathways (right)

Photos: farm of field day and the “asado” we ate after seminars

11 November 2015

I Hoof Health meeting organised by CONAFE

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CONAFE is the Organization of Spanish Holstein Freisian Associations. At the end of october they have organized a course for farmers and students about hoof health, and simultaneous meeting for hoof care professionals.

We have received during this week the official group photo.

18 October 2015

BoviBond Tagung (2nd part)

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Hello everybody!!

We are now going back home from Billerbeck, where we have spend two funny and fruitful days, although it has been raining most of the time.

On 16th October there where whorkshops with Piet Kloosterman (about maintenance of the grinder and hoof trimming method) and Andrea Fiedler (about Digital Dermatitis and footbaths, with live microscope images included). In the photo below she is explaining how to prepare microscope samples.

On the 17th October, the rain had a break and we could show attendees the ANKA Crush properly. Our dealers from Germany, Andreas Pauli, and UK, Steve Paul were at the event, so we made a nice networking with the curious trimmers from Germany and the Netherlands.

In the photo below, they are both answering questions. Andreas is in black jacket and Steve is in blue sweater.

On 17th October there were also some lectures, all of them very interesting, about Hoof Health in heifers (Dr. Jan Lievaart), Footbaths (Dr. Andrea Fiedler), Body Condition and lameness (PhD Reuben Newsome) and the NACFT (english Hoof Trimmers Association, by Steve Paul)

There was an interesting dicussion during lectures of A.Fiedler and R:Newsome. We talked about dorsal wall length, and ducth trimmers, as defense of the “Dutch Method” had many thing to say about the researches that Newsome was exposing. IN the photo below you can see Piet Kloosterman (right, with finger in the air) making some observations to what Newsome (at the back, standin up) was saying about dorsal wall measuring starting point.

The last lecture was by our friend and dealer Steve Paul. About past, present and future of hoof trimmers in the UK, as an example for the other European countries. It was a very enjoyable lecture.

We would like to thank Vettec for inviting us and for all the organisation!!

See you next time, in two years!

15 October 2015

Bovi Bond Tagung

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Hello everybody!

Yes! we are going to attend to this event for the first time…let’s see how is going.

We are showing our crush with help from our German dealer Andreas Pauli. We will meet too our UK dealer, Steve Paul from Cowsfeet.co.uk

Here is a link to the event program

We will keep you informed!

24 July 2015

Hoof Trimming Olympic Games in France

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Hi all!

Have you been in Yvetot this week? The National French Hoof Trimmers Association organized every year e meeting, but this year, because it’s the 30th anniversary they have organized a special event…The Hoof Trimming Olympic Games.

ANKA has been there, Adrián, our CEO has participated as jury and our hoof trimmers Miguel Ángel (ANKA) and Pere (DIGITRIM) have participate…Pere won 2nd prize!

Many hoof trimmer have participate and have tried the ANKA Crush.

There were many friends and collegues, like Loris de Vecchis. It has been a great meeting.

We are really satisfied with this experience. We would like to thank the ANPB the idea and the organization of the meeting.

We hope there will be The II Olympic Games soon!

18 July 2015

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English version below

Hallo Zusammen!!

Am Freitag, 17.Juli war die Echemer Sommertagung Klaue…und wir haben dort teilgenommen. Andreas Pauli war dabei, mit unserem Klauenstand.

Wie letztes Jahr, am Vormittag gab Vortrage über Dermatitis Digitalis und Fussbade, mit den Fachtierärzte Dörte Döpfer und Hans-Peter Klindworth.

Am Nachmittag gab verschiedene Workshops mit Dörte Döpfer (über Mortellaro Krankheit Diagnose und Behandlung), Andrea Fiedler (über Verbände) und drei Klauenpfleger, die demos an Klauenstände gemacht haben. Hans-Peter Klindworth hat bei ANKA Klauenstand gewirkt.

Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Erfahrung.

ANKA Klauenstand war nicht so bekannt im Norddeutschland.  Echemer Sommertagung war eine schöne Chance es auszustellen.

Danke alle für eure Hilfe! Und bis nächstes Jahr!

English version:

Hello everybody!

Last Friday, 17th July, we went to Echemer Sommertagung Klaue. A day dedicated to Hoof Care in Echem, near Hannover.

Like other years, in the morning we could attend to some lectures with topics Hoofbath and Digital Dermatitis from experts like Dörte Döpfer and Hans-Peter Klindworth.

In the afternoon there were some exhibitions, about bandages (by Andrea Fiedler), DD diagnosis and treatment (by Dörte Döpfer) and trimming exhibitions with three different crushes, one of them has been ANKA crush, by Hans-Peter Klindworth.

We are really happy about this experience. ANKA crush is coming to be a well-known crush in Germany, especially with opportunities like this to participate in.

We would like to thank everybody for your help. We will meet next year!

15 July 2015

Echemer Sommertagung 2015

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Hallo Zusammen,

Gehen Sie nach Echemer Sommertagung am 17.Juli?

Dann…treffen wir uns dort!

8 July 2015


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Hello everybody!!

Are you thinking on improving hoof health in your farm or your hoof trimming equipment?

Are you thinking on visiting the Livestock Event in Birmingham?

Our crush is there, so you can go and have a look!!

It is in Cowsfeet’s stand. We will answer all your questions.

13 April 2015

NACFT’s Meeting 2015

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Hello everybody!

We have attended for the first time at the NACFT‘s Meeting. This year took place in Nantwich, England.

We went with our partner Steve Paul, from CowsFeet.

We took two ANKA Crushes, one from Steve’s working team and the other is from Johny Miller, also a good customer and collaborator from ANKA.

There were about sixty people in a very familiar atmosphere. On Friday they had a meeting, where they discuss topics of common interest. On Saturday there were some exhibitions of crushes and products. Of course, we could shown the ANKA crush working. Some cows were trimmed using it.

There was quite interest in the trimmers; because, in this way, they could see and chek how our machine works. Adrian and Ruben’s explanations about the development of the crush in these 15 years were helpful too.

Next ANKA team’s visit to UK: Livestock Event 2015, in july, in Birmingham.

10 March 2015

Hoof Trimmers Meeting in Bavaria

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As we already told you, last weekend we went with our new dealer, Andreas Pauli to the Annual Meeting of Hoof Trimmers of South Germany. This year, the event took place in Allgäu, very close to Alps.
During the event, some seminars and lectures were organized, they included interesting topics such as professional experiences from some trimmers, who told jobmates how they have built their business and how they schedule daily work.
There were also exhibited some products and tools, including some crushes and, of course, there was an ANKA Crush. It had again a great reception.
The Meeting has been in the same place where we stayed: A family business, Hotel and dairy farm. With the milk from the dairy farm (Swiss breed) thay make their own cheese and products, and they offer them to customers at the restaurant.
In the farm there are 65 cows, they produce 9.000 L per cow and year. They use a milking robot.
The facilities are: a free stall barn with cubibles, feed is given automatically, by a conveyor. The southern side of the farm (mostly made with wood), can be raised or lowered, to protect animals from cold or take advantage of sunny days.
The owners usually treat lame cows, and the hoof trimmer visit them twice a year.
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