21 December 2015

ANKA technical support

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We have not made an official introduction to our new engineer, Alberto.

He is specialized in mechanics and crushes development and maintenance. Last weekend he has been in Northern Italy (Lodi) visiting our customer Fabio Lettieri, who needed some technical support with his ANKA crush.

The visit has been very rewarding, Fabio has received many skills to work better and maintain his new crush. He is really satisified with his new machine, and so do we.

Photo: Fabio preparing his ANKA crush and truck for work

Photo: Celebrating good results of the ANKA crush technical visit

10 December 2015

After Lameness in Ruminants Conference 2015

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Wowwww!!! Hello everybody!!

Few days since Lameness in Ruminants Conference finished…and we haven’t publish anything!

Photo: our vet Almudena with Mr.Mortellaro

The Conference was a great experience, we have learnt a lot about Cowconfort. There was some discussion about trimming technique, conduced by researches from the UK. Participation was high, there were many short presentations about interesting topics, like relationship and communication between professionals and farmers, antibiotics remains, bandages, security at work,…

Photo: dairy cattle from “Fundo Schott”, in Rio Negro, near Osorno, Chile.

And of course…The Topic: Digital Dermatitis. There are different points of view from all over the world. It was really interesting, in Europe we are really worried about this infectious disease, with high prevalence in our stalls. In other places, like Chile, they know DD exists and they have some infected farms…but because they work in extensive systems it is not the biggest deal. Facilities in pathways and overwear are more important for Southamerican professionals.

Photos: Neil Chesterton during Field Day explaining about pathways (right)

Photos: farm of field day and the “asado” we ate after seminars

20 November 2015

Transportable milking parlour

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Hello everybody!

A hoof trimmer and friend of us has sent these pictures.

He found during holidays, in Switzerland, at 2.770m high a milking parlour…and transportable!! He transports the milking stuff while cattle always stay on pasture.

11 November 2015

I Hoof Health meeting organised by CONAFE

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CONAFE is the Organization of Spanish Holstein Freisian Associations. At the end of october they have organized a course for farmers and students about hoof health, and simultaneous meeting for hoof care professionals.

We have received during this week the official group photo.

23 October 2015

Visit of this month

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Our friend Dominique Bernier (Bov’idee, France) has visit us with a young hoof trimmer, Pauline, who is really interested in ANKA Crush.

Why? because she wants a comfortable and ergonomic equipment at work, and ANKA Crush is one of her options.

We are glad to receive you and spend ona and a half day with you!

18 October 2015

BoviBond Tagung (2nd part)

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Hello everybody!!

We are now going back home from Billerbeck, where we have spend two funny and fruitful days, although it has been raining most of the time.

On 16th October there where whorkshops with Piet Kloosterman (about maintenance of the grinder and hoof trimming method) and Andrea Fiedler (about Digital Dermatitis and footbaths, with live microscope images included). In the photo below she is explaining how to prepare microscope samples.

On the 17th October, the rain had a break and we could show attendees the ANKA Crush properly. Our dealers from Germany, Andreas Pauli, and UK, Steve Paul were at the event, so we made a nice networking with the curious trimmers from Germany and the Netherlands.

In the photo below, they are both answering questions. Andreas is in black jacket and Steve is in blue sweater.

On 17th October there were also some lectures, all of them very interesting, about Hoof Health in heifers (Dr. Jan Lievaart), Footbaths (Dr. Andrea Fiedler), Body Condition and lameness (PhD Reuben Newsome) and the NACFT (english Hoof Trimmers Association, by Steve Paul)

There was an interesting dicussion during lectures of A.Fiedler and R:Newsome. We talked about dorsal wall length, and ducth trimmers, as defense of the “Dutch Method” had many thing to say about the researches that Newsome was exposing. IN the photo below you can see Piet Kloosterman (right, with finger in the air) making some observations to what Newsome (at the back, standin up) was saying about dorsal wall measuring starting point.

The last lecture was by our friend and dealer Steve Paul. About past, present and future of hoof trimmers in the UK, as an example for the other European countries. It was a very enjoyable lecture.

We would like to thank Vettec for inviting us and for all the organisation!!

See you next time, in two years!

15 October 2015

Bovi Bond Tagung

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Hello everybody!

Yes! we are going to attend to this event for the first time…let’s see how is going.

We are showing our crush with help from our German dealer Andreas Pauli. We will meet too our UK dealer, Steve Paul from Cowsfeet.co.uk

Here is a link to the event program

We will keep you informed!

17 September 2015

Visit ANKA

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We had a visit this week.
From Monday to Wednesday italian hoof trimmers Fabio Lettieri and father and son Chito came to try the ANKA Crush. They have visit some of our customers and have worked with ANKA Crush, we are glad with the experience.
We invite any other professional interested on ANKA Crush to visit us and try it!

We had a visit this week. From Monday to Wednesday italian hoof trimmers Fabio Lettieri and father and son Chito came to try the ANKA Crush. They have visit some of our customers and have worked with ANKA Crush, we are glad with the experience.

We invite any other professional interested on ANKA Crush to visit us and try it!

28 August 2015

Clinical Case – evolution and results

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Hello! Here we are again, to comment news about the cow from previous post.

In the preview post we did not tell how we have treated this cow. Well, she already came with an XL block, which was ok and we left. But, after trimming and cleaning, we put a shock-absorbing bandage. With topical antibiotics, special cotton (repeals humidity), jute and finally cohesive bandage. We decide with farmer to do weekly reviewing.

We have done 4 reviews, last one after 15 days from previeus review. In all of them we have change bandage, always using the same matherials.

Cow has been two weeks in deep strw bed, in nursery. Then, because lesion development was really good, she has been moved to cubicle barns. This is the main reason why we kept the same bandage tupe in all reviews, because in cubicle barns is easier to hurt a weak claw.

You can see the evolution in photos below:

First Review: lesion has 2,5cm diameter. Necrosis is seems healed and there is only ulceration. There is no contact with third phalanx from outside.

Weight bearing is better than before, although right hind limb (affected limb) is always ahead from left hind limb. Locomotion Score 3.

Second review: 1 week later. ulceration has 1,5 cm diameter. weight bearing is going better. LS 2-3

Third review:

We found that the block is not useful any more, cow is using diseased heel while walking and block is worn-out too (see photo below). This fact usually appears in toe lesions, it is important to place blocks as caudal as possible, to help in weight bearing.

Lesion has 1 cm diameter. We put a new XL block andnew bandage.

We decide that healing is going well and next review will be in 15 days.

Fourth review: lesion is healed. Block remains at sound claw because wall and sole new horn in affected claw is not hard enough and could be damaged.

Weight bearing is normal. LS 1.

Below you will find a table which shows lactacion of this cow (red line). You can see a huge depression in dairy production on 27th july, after removing third phalanx portion. Then, she started to recover and nowadays produces around 50L per day.

18 August 2015

Clinical case

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A few days ago we got a clinical case we think it could be very interesting. It is a cow, Holstein Freisian, which has nowadays a chronic lesion in the external claw of the right hind limb since March 2014.

The cow is in 3rd lactation, less than 100 days in milk. She lives in a farm which we visit weekly. So she has been re-checked every two months from March 2014 until April 2015. Then, during April, we have re-checked her weekly. But after April she didn’t get in the crush any more…until a few days ago, when we met her again. And this is what we found (she came with the block already):

She has a toe necrosis, probably it has developed from a toe ulcer that never healed. These are the results of our therapeutical trimming (with an extirpated fragment of 3rd phalanx included):

What do you think about this case and our work? would you have trimmed more? or less?

Apart from trimming, how would you treated it?

Which is your prognosis? will it heal?

Give us your opinion and in a few days we will share some more information about how is she going!

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